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Ian Birchall, '
Algeria: torture last time'
Ben O'Donohoe - 'L'Etranger and the Messianic Myth, or Meursault Unmasked'
Maria Antonietta Perna - '
A Sartrean Answer to the Problem of Other Minds'
Ruud Welten - '
Why Sartre visited Andreas Baader'
Ruud Welten - '
Sartre and Stalin (Budapest 1956)'

Jonathan Judaken - Review of
'Jean-Paul Sartre and the Jewish Question' in the Times Literary Supplement

17th Annual Conference of the UK Sartre Society

Session 1 Sartre in Dialogues (Chair Angela Kershaw, University of Birmingham)

   Alfred Betschart (Independent): 'Sartre and Adler: Individual Psychology and Existential Psychoanalysis'

   Anu Selvaraj (National University of Singapore): 'Sartre and Levinas: On Subjectivity'

   Iain Stewart (University of Manchester): 'Sartre and Aron: Covert Dialogue from the Cahiers to the Critique'

                                                                 [ Session 1 ]

Session 2 Keynote Address (Chair Benedict O'Donohoe, University of Sussex)

   Professor Jean-Pierre Boulé (Nottingham Trent Univerity): 'Sartre and Women: The Place of Lena Zenina'

                                                                [ Session 2 ]

Session 3 Sartre and the Arts (Chair John Gillespie University of Ulster)

   Noel E Boulting (Noboss, Kent) 'Sartre on Baudelaire: Literary Interpretation Distorted by Philosophy' (first few minutes of the recording missing)

  Tim Huntley (University of Sussex): 'Grace Revealed and Erased: Sartre on Tintoretto's modest plenitude'

                                                                [ Session 3 ]

Please note that any quotations from these talks should be attributed to the author concerned 

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