The UK Sartre Society, originally the UK Society for Sartrean Studies, was formed in 1992. Its purpose is to promote the study, research and discussion of the literary, philosophical, cultural and political issues arising from Sartre's work. This web-site enables you to keep up to date with Sartre news, conferences on Sartre, new publications, and provides a page for potential members. It is intended as a resource for study and research on Sartre, but also focuses on the philosophical, literary and political issues originating in existentialism, and explores the continuing vitality of existentialist and Sartrean ideas in contemporary society and contemporary culture. There is an extensive Sartre bibliography, which is being added to on a regular basis, a list of links to Sartre and related sites, and a page giving information about our journal Sartre Studies International which will eventually include the title page of each issue.

The bibliography can now be searched using a keyword or words.  The item sought will appear highlighted in red on the appropriate webpage(s).

There is also a page entitled Sartre Online Resources, which contains links to articles on Sartre and related authors.

Information and suggestions for the web-site should be sent to the Webmaster, John Gillespie:

Latest News

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Added on 13 August 2014

SARTRE STUDIES INTERNATIONAL 19: 2 HAS JUST BEEN PUBLISHED. For the first time we are publishing articles in French as well as English. Almost all the articles in the current issue are from young scholars who bring a fresh perspective. Their .... read more
Added on 04 February 2014

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Added on 04 February 2014

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